Where to hide your dildo sex toys?

By: Ada Sun Published at: 24/08/2023 09:01:46

I am a big fan of dildo sex toys, and I have more than I might should. These toys come in various colors, sizes, and functions. However, I have been struggling with storing adult toys because I have friends visiting my home often, and I am afraid that I will be embarrassed if my friends find out.

I'll let you in on a secret. I've found a couple of places to hide dildos. Just please don't tell my friend.

1. A lock box.

I have been trying to get a discount lock box from a store. But these boxes are in different sizes. So I can hide all of my toy collection in one place.

2. In a coat pocket in your closet.

You may think this way might be a stretch cause I have too many dildo toys. But again, there's no reason for anyone to walk into my closet and wear one of my millions of coats. So, this method is safe. However, please remember to take your dildos out before wearing the coat.

3. In a locked drawer on the bedside table.

Then, whenever you have an itchy hand and want to get dirty with the toy, you can always grab it. If your friends are curious about the sex toy, just tell them that even the closest friend can have the secrets.

4. Shoe boxes.

People normally don't go through your shoe boxes. But there are accidents, and it's not as safe as hiding dildo sex toys in a locked box. So you need to store your shoeboxes well.

5. Purse or bag on the top of the closet.

You can also store the adult toys in empty bags and put away in a hard to reach spot. And dildo sex toy bags are also very useful because they are small enough to tuck anywhere.


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