Create Your Custom Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

By: ZHENG YIMIN Published at: 02/11/2022 07:17:21

There are numerous benefits to purchasing custom sublimated basketball uniforms. A major advantage is having the option to customize the text, colors, and layout to your tastes. Another benefit of buying custom sublimated basketball jerseys is discounts on larger orders. By doing this, you'll be able to purchase plenty of custom sublimated basketball jerseys at once and save money on each one.

Custom sublimation basketball apparel is among the most popular types of sports clothing. It's an excellent method to represent your team by using a unique custom design.

What is necessary to prepare for custom sublimation basketball uniforms?

1. Team logo: The most crucial part of the attire is the logo. All of the shorts, the socks, the front and back of the shirt, and all the shorts must clearly show it.

2. Team name: Depending on the style you choose, this will be printed in big letters on the chest or back, on either side.

3. The color of the shirt should either go well with or exactly match the team colors.

4. Design of the pattern: You can choose any pattern you desire, as long as it goes well with your team's colors and logos.

how hot-sublimation is used to create basketball clothing

A difficult manufacturing process is involved in creating basketball uniforms created with sublimation. Creating the uniform is the first step in the process, after which it is printed. To do this, one can either utilize screen printing or a digital printing process. Cutting out each piece of the uniform and sewing them together come next.

Last but not least, the pattern needs to be heat-pressed onto the fabric. This method is sometimes referred to as hot sublimation since the dye molecules are transferred from one side of the fabric to the other without being absorbed.

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