The Market for Garments is Big on Acetic Acid

By: ZHENG YIMIN Published at: 02/11/2022 08:19:03

In the past two years, acetic acid fabric has been highly popular. It is used in a range of high-end brands of fashion materials, including custom sportswear, windbreakers, leather, ceremonial clothing, cheongsams, wedding dresses, Tang suits, and so on. It is a substitute for silk, which is quite similar in appearance and feels but much less expensive.

Chinese homophone for the word ACETATE in English is acetic acid fabric, often known as ACETATE cloth or Asa. It is a kind of high-quality conifer pulp that has been refined using high-end textile technology to extract purely natural wood pulp fiber. It resembles mulberry silk in terms of luster and function, as well as mulberry silk's color, brightness, and smooth, comfortable touch. The absorption of acetic acid cloth wet gas, resilience, and resistance to static electricity and hairballs are far better than those of cotton, hemp, and other natural fabrics. This makes them more comfortable against the skin.

Better than other cellulose fibers, acetic acid cloth has good dyeing properties, can be colored with dispersion dyes, and has a vivid color. Acetate cloth is a good thermoplastic material; acetate fiber softens and melts around 200°C to 260°C, resembling synthetic fiber; plastic deforms after the shape can no longer be restored; permanent deformation.

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