By: ZHENG YIMIN Published at: 03/11/2022 09:16:34

Body armor should be maintained just like any other item; few people are aware that it has a lifespan, and neglecting it will only shorten it. Despite the fact that body armor has a five-year warranty and that the materials used in it are quite durable, worn-out or defective armor should be replaced. Of course, if it has any kind of damage, it should not be worn and should be changed right away. Due to this, it is crucial to properly maintain armor, including giving it a full inspection before use.

As with clothing, armor needs to be cleaned frequently and stored in the right places. While the carrier can be machine washed, the ballistic plates in the vest should only be given a gentle sponge wash with a light cleaning solution. In order to have clean, dry armor available at all times, it is advised that you own numerous carriers and potentially even multiple plates. You must exercise extreme caution while cleaning your ballistic or stabproof plates because doing so could cause them to deform and lose their effectiveness if exposed to high heat.

Similarly to this, immersing your armor in water can reduce its effectiveness; instead, only lightly sponge-clean it. You shouldn't use your plates if they show any signs of deformation. In a similar vein, armor should be stored flat in a cabinet or drawer that won't be folded, crumpled, or have anything heavy placed on top of it.

Because submerging your armor in water will decrease its effectiveness, you should only gently wash it with a sponge. Your plates shouldn't be used if they exhibit any sort of distortion. The same applies to armor, which should be kept flat and out of the way in a cabinet or drawer so it doesn't get folded, creased, or have heavy things stacked on top of it.

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