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Did you be aware that people have worn earrings for hundreds decades? In that time, there have been many kinds of different kinds of earrings made that are still to be worn today.

When it comes to deciding what earring styles you can wear with your outfits , it can be difficult to pick. What are the best ways to determine which one will look great for you or complement your style? Do you prefer hoops or studs? Do you prefer drop earrings or long Dangle earrings? Do you think you could be able to get away with mismatched earrings?

Read on to find out more about the various types of earrings women can wear and suggestions on how they can be styled according to your personal fashion and outfit. 

Let's take a dive ...

STUD Earrings

Stud earrings are usually very delicate, and tiny in an array of earrings. If you're like the majority wearing stud earrings, they are often your choice for everyday outfits. However, that doesn't mean they have to look boring or lacking in fashion.


Stud earrings are usually quite delicate and you can wear them with casual outfits or more minimalist elegant attires. You can wear a delicate necklace or a few rings. Consider matching the dress or any other accessories to match the colour of the gemstone studs.

Simple stuffs with statement jewelry

Wearing a simple pair of studs can be a great match with a larger, more bold statement necklace, collection of bracelets or set of rings, but leave your ears without adornment.

Utilizing STUD EARRINGS to guide your outfit

It is also possible to use more elaborate or elegant earrings to guide to the remainder part of your look. If you own a gorgeous pair of studs in the form of flowers, like our stunning dahlia earrings.

The style of earring you choose is feminine, and it is logical to pair it with a feminine dress, perhaps using the flower motif , or perhaps with flowers-inspired colors.

Imagine putting these earrings in gold with a flowing, long summer dress, as an example. If you're not one to dress up, don't fret as there are plenty of other options, such as long pants, or a flowing blouse. Also, a well-cut but feminine dress will go well with the geometric look of these earrings.


Drop earrings have the primary aspect of the earring design falling a little beneath the earlobe. They could or might not be able to swing, according to the design, unlike dangle earrings , which will always are swinging (see further below). They can be secured with posts to attach them to your ear like studs, however, they are often secured with hooks referred to as ear wires.

They're likely to be among the most popular types of earrings you have in your jewelry collection. Simple drop earrings can be an excellent alternative to studs in regards to wear everyday.

Drop earrings can have a subtle and simple style However, they can be striking and captivating however, they are not usually the same as their counterpart, dangle earrings. The drop earrings can be so diverse and adaptable that you can wear them to dress them up or dress them down. All you need is enough variety in your jewellery collection to provide you with plenty of choices.

Dressing up with DROP earrings

The elegantly simple pearls with solid gold drop earrings with a white or black dress is perfect. You can add a simple necklaces made of solid gold or just a few basic jewelry made of gold to complete your outfit.

Dressing down with DROP EARRINGS

If you want to wear a more casual outfit, wear a basic set of earrings like these dots drop of silver and the blue of your jeans, and bright flowing blouse. The earrings will sway and shine as you move but without becoming distracting. You can add an assortment of Silver jewelry. and you'll look and well-put together.


Dangle earrings are like dropping earrings (see above) however, they usually hang higher above the earlobes, and always move around and then in a side-to-side fashion. Because they are more dramatic in comparison to drop earrings they're typically longer and extend all the way to touch your shoulders.

Since dangle earrings can be so numerous, you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the perfect pair to fit your personal style. Make sure to select the earrings that ensure you are secure and at ease. Your confidence is going to help you complete your look. If bold and dramatic isn't your thing, then smaller and simpler is still a good choice.


It is possible to pick the appropriate pair of dangle earrings that will become the center of your look. In this scenario, you'll not put on any other jewelry or wear a more subtle piece than your ears like bracelets or rings.

For a dramatic pair of statement earrings, it's best to not wear an accessory like a necklace, so that it doesn't be distracting. The bold long dangle earrings with leaves are a great illustration for statement earrings which can be an excellent focal point for any outfit.

A casual outfit with DANGLE earrings

If you're not looking for a dramatic look in your dangle earrings you could opt for the more subtle style. Think about our exquisitely gorgeous Minimalist Cuff Earring that will jiggle and shine with the most stunning of them, yet not being excessive. They'll look amazing when paired with a basic linen shirt or flowing summer dress.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless style that is timeless. Actually, some of these most ancient gold hoops were worn by Sumerian females who were born the year 2500 BC and yet her earrings remain an easily recognized design even today. Hoops were worn by all of the world's ancient civilizations as well as by cats in early Egypt (true tale! ).

There are a variety of hoops earrings to pick from, ranging from basic and classic to elaborate. The large hoops can create an impact and attract attention when you enter an area while smaller and less delicate designs will still draw the eye and draw attention to your look.


We believe that every woman should own at the very least one pair of simple Hoop earrings. The endless gold hoops will be a great fashion accessory without spending a fortune. We also suggest the silver Hoop earrings also.

These simple Hoop earrings are a style that is timeless. They'll bring a minimalist, striking elegance to any outfit and aren't too big. They can be paired with a suit and add shine. Also, they look great with casual attire and paired with bracelets, rings, or necklaces made of the same metal color.

Wearing ornate or COLOURFUL earrings with a HOOP

Although simple hoops are an essential however, there are a variety of kinds of hoop earrings that you can pick from different designs, from intricate panels and unique designs. These hoop earrings catch the light with ease, and can draw attention to you.

You can also pair these gorgeous earrings with a variety of silver jewelry - rings, bangles, and layered necklaces - and wear them with an extremely casual and casual outfit. You can even add one of the coral necklaces.

If you're looking to add some color to your earring collection opting for plain beaded hoops is a good alternative. For instance, our inexpensive and simple to wear UU Hoop Earrings are sure to give warmth with warm orange, gold, and rich brown tones to any outfit. In winter , they look fantastic when paired with a cable knit sweater or, in summer, pair them with a casual look with warm hues.


All about different types of earrings

There are a variety of earrings that you can choose from and each has its place in a well-put together collection of jewellery. We suggest taking a look at your collection to determine what's missing and where you can include different designs. This will allow you to have the ability to be more flexible with your wardrobe, and plenty of ideas when dressing to impress.

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