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Are trying to find out the most appropriate length of necklace as well as a chain? Which lengths and styles of necklaces with pendants or chain necklaces are what you need to match your style and your neckline the best? Are you confused about the lengths of necklaces and styles and aren’t sure how to begin?

It’s difficult to figure out. Also, we are aware that getting it right can be a huge difference when you’re trying to impress your guests and look polished.

We want to help you determine which option is best for you when you shop on the internet for necklaces and pendants We’ve created this helpful length guide that contains a useful ladies’ necklace size chart including inches and centimeters and guidelines about how to determine the right measurement for the right length for a piece of jewelry as well as a pendant.

Let’s begin …


Normal (or Princess) length jewelry (usually around 45cm, or even 18") tends to be the worn length and is suitable for all circumstances. If you’re looking for a pendant or pendant that you can wear every day, this will likely be the length you prefer to wear.

The length of this will typically sit over the neckline of shorter cut clothes or on that of crew necked or other necklines that are high. In the event that you’re sporting a necklace at this length, it will form a flattering V-shape that frames your face.

If you’re taller or have a bigger frame, then you should consider an evening-length necklace (usually around 55cm, or even 22") to achieve an identical appearance.

What is the best way to measure for a PENDANT, NECKLACE, OR CHAIN

The most straightforward method is to take a measurement of the length of a necklace (including necklaces with chain necklaces or necklaces with pendants) that you like and the style you’re planning to wear. A tape measure can be well.

If you don’t have a necklace to use You can make use of ribbon, string or gentle measuring tape to determine the best solution for you.

Place yourself in the mirror while doing this and it’ll be much simpler to figure out. You may require an emergency pin or someone else to join the ends to give you an idea of where various lengths will fit on the floor.

Have a blast and test a variety of styles while doing this. Check out different lengths of necklaces to find what works best with the outfit you’re wearing and figure out the areas you’re lacking in your jewelry collection.

What Necklace length will match your Necklace?

Knowing what necklaces and chain sizes will work best for you and the outfits you’re planning to wear is an excellent method to boost your jewelry game. Take a look at our necklace table below for an idea of what lengths are best for the right situations. Don’t overlook the importance of looking in a mirror to observe what’s working in the real world.

NECKLACE OR CHAIN LENGTHAVERAGE PLACEMENTLooks great with:ChokerClose your eyes to the base of the neckThis length looks fantastic with a variety of clothes, but it will be particularly suitable for off-the-shoulder necklines, and boat and crew necklines. If you’re a bigger frame or prefer more slender necklaces, this length isn’t for you.Standard
(or Princess)On the collarboneIt is the most frequently bought length. It is flattering for many women and goes well with all outfits that are appropriate for wearing necklaces. If the necklace is in the form of an elongated V shape, it’s probably going to look fantastic with a v-neck, surplice, or sweetheart neckline.MatineeBetween the neckbone and the bustIt also looks great with a variety of attires, such as for casual or business wear. This length is sure to look great over collared shirts, as well as more rounded necklines. If you’re taller or have a neck that is larger, consider this length as your preferred size, rather than the regular (princess) length.OperaOn the bust, or several centimeters below.This length is perfect for most necklines that are high — including boat and turtle necks. It’s also a stylish option for formal dress. Based on the length and your body type, you might be capable of wearing an opera length around your neck several times to create a double-stranded necklace or collar.RopeIt varies based on the way it’s wornA rope necklace is one that is larger than the opera-sized one. Rope necklaces are typically designed to be worn around your neck several times to create a double-stranded necklace. You might also be able to make them fold in half by looping one end through the fold to create a necklace.Necklaces for layeringVaries depending on the selectionLayering necklaces are usually of different lengths that are worn as an ensemble. They can be paired with a variety of necklines. It’s up to you to choose which one is best for you and the best way to mix and match necklaces.No necklaceN/AIf you’re wearing a low plunge neckline or a halter neck with a high cut it is possible you’re better off wearing more striking fashion jewelry or cocktail rings instead of a necklace.

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