How to Choose the Perfect Press-On Nails for Valentine’s Day

By: Team Yacc Published at: 10/02/2023 04:42:53

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where you want to look your best. Your nails need to be on point, so why not make them stand out with press-on nails? Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright or subtle and romantic, nail designs are an easy way to dress up your look. Here’s what you need to consider when shopping for the perfect set of press-on nails.


Shape and Size

The key to finding the perfect press-on nails is making sure they fit your natural nail shape and size. To determine this, you’ll need to measure your natural nails before buying any design. You’ll also want to note whether or not your nail beds curve inward or outward as this will affect the fit of the nail. It helps if you buy from a brand that offers different shapes and sizes of press-on nails such as oval, square, almond, coffin, etc., so that you can find ones that closely match your natural nail shape and size.

Quality of Glue

Once you have chosen a style and size for your press-on nails, it is important to make sure that they come with high quality glue. The best glue should be strong enough to hold the nail in place but also gentle enough on natural nails so it won’t damage them. If possible, opt for a premium glue like ibd Just Gel Super Strong Adhesive which has been designed specifically for use with press-on nails and guarantees maximum hold time while being gentle on natural nails.

Color & Design

When it comes time to pick out colors and designs for your press-on Valentine’s Day manicure, there is no shortage of options! With brands likeYacc Jewelryshop offering premade sets featuring everything from glittery pinks and reds to more classic neutrals like black or white, you can easily find something that suits both the occasion and your personal style. Alternatively, create custom designs with individual pieces like glitter tips or accent nails for even more unique looks!

Finish & Protection

Once all of the designs are on, finish off your manicure with a top coat for added protection against chipping and fading. This step not only makes it easier for the design/color last longer but also keeps them looking glossy through all activities throughout the day (like cooking dinner). In other words — there's something out there perfect just waiting to be found by Valentine’s Day!


Removal & Care

Lastly when it comes time remove these beauties don't worry! That top coat will come in handy here too since it helps soften any adhesive left behind making removal much easier (and less scary!). To protect against staining make sure remember always use acetone free polish remover when taking off press-ons (to prevent damaging natural nails). Finally use cuticle oil regularly during wear keep those beautiful manis looking good all day - everyday!


That covers all the steps needed choose – design – apply – protect – care — all ingredients necessary create stunning mani just in time Valentine's Day! Good luck choosing yours :

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